Gov. Polis has made it his mission to rob Coloradans of our essential freedoms to make a living and travel wherever we want in our own personal cars.

That’s the message his GOP opponent Heidi Ganahl shared with supporters Thursday when she unveiled her proposed plans to improve the state’s transportation system, which stands in stark contrast to what Polis’s priorities.

When Polis talks transportation, he’s mostly concerned with RTD, bike paths, public buses, and eliminating gasoline powered cars in favor of outrageously priced EVs the middle class can’t afford and our infrastructure can’t handle.

Ganahl pledged to pave the damn roads, expand highways, and put a stop to Polis’s “Don’t be a selfish bastard” crusade that would deny us the very vehicles that created America’s middle class.

“He wants you to ride an electric bus everywhere, which is just not feasible for most Coloradans,” she said of the governor.

Ganahl would put her plan to the voters in a ballot initiative to fund $10 billion in road projects over the next 10 years.

She would also revoke Polis’s taxes on gas, deliveries, ride-sharing services, and other fees tacked onto the 2021 transportation bill.

“I’m taking this plan to the voters to get approval, and we will call them taxes as they are,” she said. “That’s the key, it’s just being honest and authentic and transparent with the people of Colorado.”

Colorado Public Radio noted of the transportation priority on the progressive side of the aisle:

Ganahl did not say whether she would support current bus rapid transit plans on arterial streets in the Denver area that may take away traffic lanes for personal vehicles.

Freedom-hating progressives will be attacking Ganahl en masse over her proposals — how dare she support Coloradans who drive affordable cars to work, to get critical medical services, see family, or drive cross country to see America as is our God-given right.