Heidi Ganahl, the GOP gubernatorial nominee and self-described “mom on a mission,” faced off against Democrat Gov. Jared Polis during a debate in Pueblo Wednesday and by all accounts, knocked him out on his record.

No wonder Polis only agreed to a few debates with Ganahl. His imaginary record only stands up without scrutiny in his million-dollar, self-funded soundbite-sized TV ads.

Whereas in a full-length format, well …

Good times.

Meanwhile, Ganahl was passionate in her frustration with fentanyl deaths, all of the new taxes Polis has levied on Coloradans, a broken energy policy and out-of-control gas prices.

“It’s not fair Coloradans have to choose between heating their homes, filling their tanks or buying school supplies,” Ganahl said.

Ganahl had no shortage of problems that Polis has either caused, or failed to address, to throw in his face, while urging Coloradans to hold him accountable when they vote.

Smug Polis opened like a rock star — It was his cheap way to get applause in literally asking for a round of applause for CSU Pueblo, and again, calling out Pueblo for another round of applause to get his staff warmed up in cheering for … Pueblo.

Here’s the full video for those who missed it.

Wait, that’s the abbreviated version. Here’s the full length showdown.