How do we make Colorado a safer place to live?

By replacing Jared Polis as governor come the November election. Duh.

So advises a new ad from Restore the Rockies, an independent expenditure committee that’s committed to holding the governor accountable for this train wreck of an administration.

It’s a clever ad, much in keeping with their previous jab at Jared that was released a few weeks ago taking a potshot at Polis’s poop on the sidewalk philosophy on governing.

Good stuff.

Campfire Colorado reports the new ads are intended to counter Polis’s campaign fairy tales that all is right under his reign.

“Recent ads released by Polis have featured cherry-picked news sound bites, attempting to convince voters that his policies have benefited the people of Colorado,” Restore the Rockies told Campfire Colorado.


“There’s the Polis narrative and then there’s reality,” said a Restore the Rockies representative. “If you watch the local news and see what’s actually going on in our state, it’s clear we are now living in a very dangerous place thanks to Polis and his policies.”

It surely does beg the question, how do we fix it …?

Polis’s chief opponent in the November election is Republican nominee Heidi Ganahl.