A media fact check on a partisan attack ad targeting Barbara Kirkmeyer, the Republican nominee running for Congress in Colorado’s new 8th District, shows every claim it makes is “not exactly” true.

We’re not surprised the ad is false, but eyebrows are raised that the Colorado media is actually calling out the national Democrat Party for making the bogus claims.

From the KDVR fact check:

The bottom line here is that this ad was paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, out to paint a picture of Kirkmeyer in a race with a diverse pool of voters.

The ad attacked Kirkmeyer on issues of climate change, gay marriage, abortion and claims she’s too radical.

Kirkmeyer’s opinions have evolved over the years, KDVR notes. But the ad’s claims are either opinion or fail to pass the accuracy test.

We won’t bother linking the commercial because it’s not accurate.