Colorado has beat back Washington, D.C. to win the title of #1 in grand theft auto thanks to Gov Polis, who signed a law making it a mere misdemeanor to steal vehicles worth less than $2,000.

It’s only a major crime now if thieves steal fancy cars from rich people, like Polis.

The end result? Thieves are stealing cars worth less than $2,000 in droves, most often from folks who can’t afford to replace what they had.

The Colorado District Attorneys’ Council wants to reverse Polis’s action and make the crime a felony, and actually punish crooks by locking them up in jail.

Shaun Boyd reports the governor wants to make amends for the error of his ways. Not by changing the law, no.

As voting for his reelection begins in a few weeks, Polis wrote a letter to the Colorado Criminal and Juvenile Justice Commission asking them to pretty please just increase penalties for stealing any car.

As if.

Aurora City Councilman Dustin Zvonek called it what it is, election year pandering.

“This is like a guy who has been puncturing holes in our raft for the past 4 years and now that we’re taking on water with more crime he shows up and says ‘I’m the one with a patch’? I’m a bit skeptical,” he said.

It gets better.

A spokesflak for Polis now claims the governor actually helped police catch car thieves because he also signed a law that allegedly cracked down on catalytic converter thefts.

We imagine police are on the street this very moment, waving the law at would-be crooks ordering them to stop it, stop it right now because Polis signed a law against such thievery.

Are voters paying attention yet?