Jared Polis’s arrogance and millionaire gay male privilege raised its ugly head at Tuesday’s debate with Republican challenger Heidi Ganahl when he countered her “mom on a mission” speech with a condescending comeback to minimize her legitimate concerns.

Like most Colorado parents, Ganahl is concerned about increasing crime, failing schools, inflation, drugs and our quality of life.

Don’t you worry your pretty little head about nothing, the big guy essentially said.

Here’s how it went down.

“I am mad,” said Ganahl. “I am a mad mom. We have skyrocketing crime, out of control inflation, a huge fentanyl problem that’s killing our kids, and our kids can’t read, write or do math at grade level. I have a right to be angry and I represent a lot of parents.”


Polis responded, “my opponent identified herself as a mad mom. I identify myself as a happy dad of two great kids, 11 and eight, raising my kids in the best state of all the states, great outdoors. We love our freedom. I will always protect our freedom.”

Straight guys raise your hands if you know for certain that same exchange between you and your wife would get you killed.

Polis’s response perfectly embodies the privileged progressive class that dominates Colorado politics and has ruined this state.

Protect our freedoms?


He trampled our liberties, threatened us, ruined countless businesses, discounted our children’s education, and shut us down for nearly half of his term.

But he was only repeating her words back to her with a happy retort, whines Democrat defender-in-chief Kyle Clark.

Straight guys, wake up … try that line on your wife and let us know tomorrow if you’re still alive.