It’s not enough for Democrats to set suspects free without bond, now the ACLU is demanding criminals convicted of felonies be allowed to hold public office in Colorado.

The locales put on notice by the ACLU to stop blocking felons from overseeing the public treasury and making new laws include Arvada, Brighton, Evans, Federal Heights, Fort Collins, Greeley, Johnstown, Lone Tree, Montrose, Pueblo, Weld County and Windsor.

From Colorado Politics:

This warning comes after the ACLU successfully sued Aurora last year for the city charter’s prohibition of former felons from holding elected office. An Arapahoe County judge permanently blocked Aurora from enforcing the ban against 2021 City Council candidate Candice Bailey, who pleaded guilty to a class 4 felony assault in 1999 when she was 22 years old.


“The court’s decision sends a powerful message that formerly incarcerated people are not second-class Coloradans — that they belong on ballots for public office,” said Annie Kurtz, ACLU of Colorado’s staff attorney. “These laws exemplify the collateral consequences that attach to a criminal conviction, with disproportionate harm to individuals and communities of color.”

It’s not a question of class, wealth, or the color of one’s skin. This is a serious matter of keeping criminals out of public office.

It’s not class warfare or racism for the public to demand their office holders be free and clear of felony convictions without records of criminal activities.

If you break the law and commit a felony, you lose your right to the public trust and to hold office. This should be a duh.

It’s not radical to demand that persons convicted of committing crimes like robbery, theft, burglary, embezzlement, bribery, even murder, probably should not be entrusted with overseeing local government, public safety, the collection of our taxes and spending those tax dollars wisely.

It seems like our world has been completely upended since Biden and the progressives took control.

Up is down, color blindness is racism, and criminals should now be trusted public servants to create laws and take our hard-earned dollars for taxes.