Turns out it’s not just Republican elected officials who get frustrated with Colorado journalists and call them out on social media when they get frustrated with wildly biased reporting.

Democrat State Rep. David Ortiz of Centennial takes issue with biased girl reporters who are mean and gossip.

And not because a story was written about him for being a male chauvinist pig who stereotypes women and belittles them professionally on social media.

Although we expect such an article will be forthcoming.

Ortiz kicked off the battle royal with the female media corps with this:

When asked to give an example of the mean girl reporting and gossip that triggered his Twitter tantrum, Ortiz lashed back with this:

Needless to say, the proverbial dung on the sidewalk hit the fan with a frenzy.

Colorado Politics is not amused.

The comments came from State Rep. David Ortiz, D-Centennial, who made a name for himself in his first two years at the state House fighting for LGBTQ+ rights and against discrimination that individuals who use wheelchairs, like him, face.

Ortiz’ comments on Twitter drew silence from House Democratic Speaker-elect Julie McCluskie, D-Dillon. Some 24 hours after the tweet was posted, a spokesman said he was unable to reach McCluskie, who was “still offline from the holidays.” The spokesman indicated other members of the caucus “are all away and out of the office for the holidays.”

Caucus members often equate silence to complicity in cases of discrimination.

We scanned the allegedly offensive article when it was first published, and again after Ortiz put in the bullseye.

Our critique is that it is very, very, very long.

And dry.

It’s kind of boring, actually.

The writer should have spiced it up with some gossip and mean girl reporting because we couldn’t get through the puff piece.

It felt like a big Democrat hug and quoted the likes of Democrat what’s his name who’s married to that incoming Congresswoman, basking in the glow of the progressiveness of it all.

It did address the challenges between the radical (our word) progressive left and the moderate old world Democrat Party in the new session.

But instead of recognizing the different wings of politics, Ortiz further lectured the reporter should have used her time to solve the problems of state legislators, and prompted more criticism from other local Colorado media folks including the reporter’s editor.

We look forward to more reporting by Colorado Politics on the “sexist” Democrat from Centennial, and what his female Democrat colleagues in the state House think about his comments, instead of just trying to gloss over it.