Welcome to the New Year, which promises to be much like the old year, with establishment Democrats and progressives battling for supremacy in the state legislature to regulate us into a socialist state.

Only this year, they’re not up for reelection so they don’t have to keep lying about “saving” us money while raising our cost of living.

As Aurora City Councilman Dustin Zvonek notes, reducing the cost of living was so 2022.

The new year has already ushered in a shortage of eggs, which are a necessary ingredient to make baked goods, battered food, pancakes, cake, chips, crackers, pasta, salad dressing and soup.

And thanks to new regulations going into effect this year, prices have already spiked to about $7 a dozen — more than 50 cents an egg.

Watch for the egg effect to spread to restaurant offerings that requires the produce as a necessary ingredient, and be sure to thank a Democrat.

Also new this year is the 10-cent fine for every bag that covers your dry cleaning, bags groceries, liquor, fast food restaurants, drug stores, and malls.

We expect the liberals will act as shame police when they spot their neighbors shopping at Neiman Marcus without their Whole Foods bags.