Colorado ranks fifth in the nation for highest gas prices at 69 cents higher than the national average.

That means we’re paying up to $11 more to fill our tanks than everywhere in the U.S. except for California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Washington state.

The Denver Gazette reports Colorado’s highest prices are in Vail for $4.68 a gallon, while Denver is paying about $4 a gallon with no relief in sight.

Price spikes in Colorado were also fueled by the temporary shutdown of the Suncor refinery in December, which kicked up costs an additional $1 a gallon for gas.

Denver’s anti-energy media has been on a crusade since the state’s only oil refinery reopened to convince residents we’d be better off without it.

Like President Biden, they appear under the misguided assumption the nation will be ready to do away with petroleum within 10 years — as soon as we install windmills on all the airplanes and refit tanker ships into schooners.