The Denver School Board member formerly known as Tay Anderson lost his battle this week to get a permanent restraining order against an education activist who argued against the relocation of a school he founded.

A Denver County Court judge ruled against Auon’tai Anderson’s request citing lack of proof.

Denverite reports a key witness offered a different version of what happened when called to testify.

The witness originally told police that Brandon Pryor threatened to kick some ass when the witness got between the two men.

On the stand, the witness said Anderson stood up and started yelling at Pryor, after which the ass-kicking comment was made.

Anderson and Pryor work in the same building. The judge advised they keep their distance but refused to order a continuance of Anderson’s temporary restraining order.

Anderson, being Tay, was not satisfied with the court’s conclusion and in a statement afterwards threatened criminal charges against Pryor if he “continued aggressive acts.”

There are so many disturbing actions to unpack, but we’ll start with Anderson who has a reputation for being the progressive who cried wolf.

The public expects elected school board officials to be mature enough to listen to passionate advocates, activists, and parents when dealing with sensitive community subjects like school closures, and not take it so personally.

It’s Anderson’s responsibility to deescalate the situation when confronted by an angry constituent about school board actions, and not call the cops and file charges every time someone loudly disagrees with him or hurts his feelings.

Also, just because the National School Boards Association and White House coordinated on the Justice Department’s letter comparing concerned parents to domestic terrorists, it does not give school board members a blank check to prosecute their critics.

That Superintendent Alex Marrero and five school board members were in court to support Anderson’s latest drama to get a restraining order against an education advocate, sends the signal to all concerned citizens to shut up or they’ll call the cops.

A curious paradox considering the Denver School Board led by Anderson has kicked police resource officers out of the schools.

The school board’s not-so-subtle message on Tuesday comes as they unveiled a new plan this week to address declining enrollment at 15 schools that is expected to include some closures.

Chalkbeat Colorado reports on the board’s expectations:

Denver school board members said Thursday night that they expect better communication with parents and educators as district officials consider next steps — including possible closure — for 15 schools with low enrollment.

It remains to be seen whether they expect if from themselves, or their constituents.