For those who are delegates attending the March 11 Republican convention to elect new party leadership, or just political junkies, the candidate debate held by the Republican Women of Weld County should be of interest.

Here’s the link to watch it on their Facebook page.

For the highlights, Campfire Colorado live tweeted the Saturday event, which was good enough for us.

Just as the media are certain to ask Christ Himself at the Savior’s second coming whom He believes was elected president in 2020, so too did they ask yet again the candidates running for GOP chair.

Erik Aadland, who was tagged as a “denier” during his race for Congress in the 7th District, offered words of wisdom for those who might shrug off election results in the future as if it were the outcome of a ballgame robbed by a referee’s bad call.

“It’s not healthy, the words we’re using, the rhetoric we’ve been using,” Aadland said.

Also not healthy, he added, would be to “have a chairwoman under seven indictments.”

Speaking of Tina Peters, her March jury trial has been delayed until August.