Gov. Polis’s spin machine is limping along on life support after the establishment media ignored his press office’s explicit instructions that Jill Biden was visiting Denver to highlight “the Polis administration’s bold work.”

The media somehow missed that message, and instead headlined the First Lady was here to promote her husband’s reelection effort of spending us into debt and a recession.

The so-called Investing in America tour, also known as the Inflation Reduction Act passed by Congress and signed by Biden (checks calendar) six freaking months ago, spends $400 billion on climate change and reauthorized Obamacare spending.

Apparently, it also tossed a few bills towards work training programs we are to believe is the only reason people can get a job anymore.

Some reporters did note that in greeting the First Lady, the governor once again took credit.

Before introducing Biden, Polis gave a rundown of some of the state’s efforts to address Colorado’s workforce needs.

“Through effective state investments combined with landmark federal support, we are saving people money on training and education and expanding access to opportunities for Coloradans at every level of learning,” Polis said.

Loosely translated, Polis lauded himself for spending the federal funding that was plundered from our hard-earned tax dollars, which he once again has boldly branded as “saving people money.”

And by “people,” he means rich folks like himself who don’t pay the taxes that fund redundent federal work programs.

If (Not a real doctor) Jill’s mission was to sweet talk Polis out of running against her husband for president, we’re getting the feeling it didn’t work.