Linemen working under dangerous conditions that too often led to death by electrocution fought to unionize in the 19th Century.

Coal miners killed when tunnels or their own lungs collapsed formed a union to demand safer working condition and get paid with money instead of company script at the turn of the 20th Century.

California farm workers living in squalid housing and subjected to horrid working conditions unionized to pull themselves out of a vicious cycle of poverty.

And yet all that pales in comparison to the horrors faced by workers of the Colorado Democrat Party, who apparently toil under abusive and atrocious conditions in their quest to take over the world.

And which union would embrace the Democrat Party and align themselves with the political left?

Go ahead and guess, it’s not even a stretch

If your answer was the Denver Newspaper Guild that represents newspaper workers and nonprofits, also known as special interest groups, you would be correct, if not totally aghast.

The collective bargaining agreement between the donor-funded party and the union seems to have been the first order of business for the new Colorado Democrat Party chairman, Shad Murib.

We’re willing to bet he also negotiated a nice paycheck for himself.

“This effort will make our staff even stronger as we continue to elect Democrats across the state, and they have my full support towards ensuring that CDP is a great place to work, build a career, and grow as professionals,” Murib said.

Man, it must really suck to work for Democrats if working conditions and pay was so awful as to have to unionize.