In the Colorado Springs race for mayor, Wayne Williams is embracing his Republican leanings in a new ad, while tagging his opponent as a liberal.

Sure it’s a nonpartisan race, but political labels tell voters what they can expect from candidates.

Political labels are useful, it’s why they’ve endured throughout the centuries.

Republicans tend to be fiscal conservatives, tough on crime, and defenders of free enterprise.

Democrats don’t exercise much restraint in taxing or spending, don’t care for law enforcement unless it’s the FBI going after parents who disagree with local school boards, and embrace woke ideology.

Yemi Mobolade denies Williams’ characterization of his political ideology and insists he is neither Democrat nor Republican.

The candidate has said throughout his campaign he is neither a Democrat nor a Republican. “… I’ve been clear from Day 1 that I’m putting Colorado Springs ahead of party politics. I’m putting our quality of life ahead of party politics. I’m putting our families … ahead of fearmongering. He’s given himself an identity of a conservative. He gave me an identity I never claimed.”

We take him at his word he’s neither Democrat nor Republican, because he sure sounds like a socialist.

PeakNation™ will recall we reported as much after Election Day, but the clip we attached has since been removed from social media.

The new ad refers to a mayoral forum last month at which Mobolade gave only brief answers to several questions.

Mobolade answered yes when asked if taxpayer dollars should be spent to arrange more equitable outcomes for disenfranchised communities.

The ad posits Mobolade as a more left-wing candidate in the city’s mayoral runoff election scheduled for May 16, accusing him of supporting socialism and possibly looking to overturn a failed collective bargaining bid voters rejected in 2019.


When he is asked whether “every worker, regardless of the type of workplace, (has) the right to organize and collectively bargain,” Mobolade answers, “Yes. It’s part of our constitutional right.”

Everyone has a political ideology, whether they recognize it or admit it, but as a candidate in a nonpartisan race, Mobolade is not required to disclose or claim one.

Still, it’s helpful to know his socialist leanings when ballots hit mailboxes beginning next week.