Like a flashing neon light standing 100 feet tall, Joe Biden’s humiliating fall at the Air Force Academy graduation signaled the expiration date of the 80-year-old Democrat’s political career.

But according to Biden’s handlers, the spill was no big deal.

“He’s fine,” said a White House spokesman.

The gag line devised by his spin staff as they flew from Colorado Springs back to the Beltway is that Joe was sandbagged.

Granted, it’s a better line than trying to blame the ghost of Biden’s nemesis, “Corn Pop,” and the Beltway media ate it up.

The Associated Press, which was once the go-to news organization for straight and unbiased reports, hilariously claimed Biden “turned to jog back toward his seat when he fell.”


The man turned, tripped, and landed like a lead balloon.

There was zero movement to regain his balance.

Biden probably didn’t even know he fell until the Secret Service got him back on his feet and asked if he was okay.

Here’s how the Colorado media covered the fall of president.

From the Colorado Sun:

The hometown paper of the Air Force Academy in the Springs didn’t mince words, and led with the fall in the main headline



And to no one’s surprise, Colorado Public Radio ignored it completely in the main story:

This was more important than the president of the United States falling on stage at a military academy graduation:

Mostly cloudy skies occasionally threatened but never really followed through with raining on the thousands gathered in the stands of Falcon stadium during the ceremony.

Kyle Clark at 9News couldn’t even bring himself to share the video of the shocking fall, opting instead for this video of Biden clomping over the perfectly manicured White House lawn like he was sinking in a muddy farm field.

What Biden got, was mostly a break from the mainstream media that refuses to seriously question whether this man is physically or mentally fit to be president of the United States.