Billionaire outsiders are trying to buy the next mayor of Denver.

That’s according to Kelly Brough, one of two candidates running for the spot — the one not being bought by billionaire outsiders.

Brough held a press conference with supporters this week to draw attention to the money pouring into her opponent Mike Johnston’s campaign.

With just a few days left for voters to mail in their ballots, she’s also driving that message with a last-minute ad calling attention to the $2 million Super PAC donations from former New Yawk Mayor Mike Bloomberg and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman.

Brough supporter Tim Sandos, a former Denver City Councilman, suggests people don’t give that kind of money without expecting something in return, “We have no idea what these individuals are going to want back for the investment they made to Kelly’s opponent.”

No duh.

But Johnston defended the donations as like-minded progressives working together to further the progressive cause, which we totally believe.

We also believe big moneyed progressives are to blame for so much of what’s going wrong in our country, and state, like justice for criminals by refusing to prosecute or jail.

Justice for the homeless by enabling them to remain homeless.

Justice for drug addicts by legalizing dangerous drugs through government injection centers so they remain addicted.

And justice for the poor by taxing the Hell out of everyone with a job.

The problem with these justice-seeking progressives, is that the results of their experiment always seem to turn into a sociological shitshow.

The question is, can the shitshow that is already Denver get much worse?

Stay tuned!