Denver’s school children will soon be safe from the self-aggrandizing and childish antics of the board member formally known as “Tay” who is moving on to greener political pastures and running for a state House seat.

Can we get a Halleluiah from the long-suffering choir?

Denverite broke the news at daybreak that Denver School Board Vice President Auon’tai “Tay” Anderson is abandoning his race for reelection to instead run for the District 8 seat held by term-limited Leslie Herod.

For those new to Planet Denver and not familiar with Anderson’s history, he’s a perennial victim who makes every issue about himself or how he was wronged.

His entire first term on the school board has been rocked with scandals, bad ideas, creating drama, and deflecting blame.

And now, Tay is on the verge of becomming living proof of the Peter Principle.

Without even a hint of self-awareness, Anderson plans to campaign on the issue of education, because look what he did to Denver.

Anderson’s political career is so tanked, we bet even the teacher unions weren’t going to endorse him again.

He read the tea leaves and realized there wasn’t’ a snowball’s chance in Hell of him getting reelected to the school board.

Now he’s using the abject failure of the progressive wing of the Democrat Party in the recent legislatve session as a launching bid to rebrand and try to reignite his political career.

And he’s checking all the damn boxes:

Anderson’s campaign to be a state representative has four pillars: protecting workers’ rights, reproductive health care, education, and community safety. He’s also a champion of doing away with a statewide ban on rent control; prohibiting the possession of assault weapons; criminal justice reform; police accountability; free public education including at state universities; funding mental health care in schools; protecting curriculum that mandates the teaching of Black, Indigenous and Latino history; and protecting the rights of LGBTQ students across the state.

In his fledgling political career, he went from Tay the thug to Malcom Auon’tai. We can’t wait to see how this clown evolves next.

Kyle Clark and 9News are playing the story straight without any mention of Anderson’s political baggage.

The Colorado Sun at least reported Anderson’s political future on the school board was “uncertain,” with this quote from the man himself:

“This is not about walking away from not being able to win again.”

Cue the laugh track.

The Sun also reminded voters of all the skeletons lurking in Anderson’s closet. Read more about him here.