What’s really behind state GOP chairman Dave Williams’ alleged deal with Libertarians not to challenge Republicans running in tight races against Democrats?

Other than the small print caveat that only if the Republican candidate can pass for a Libertarian candidate.

Jon Caldara over at Page Two on Complete Colorado has an amusing and dead-on-balls accurate take on how the deal would eventually collapse like a house of cards.

“… Dave Williams may soon find, as I have, large “L” Libertarians are more eager to win an argument than an election.

“You see, the fastest way to guarantee a Libertarian will in fact run as a candidate is to try to convince him not to run.”

As Caldara points out, fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, Libertarians are contrarians who will always do the opposite of what they’re told.

Williams said he cut a deal with the Libertarian Party specifically to keep Democrats from winning in tight races due to third-party spoilers.

That’s exactly what happened last year when state Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer was barely squeezed out of the race for Colorado’s new 8th District seat.

And yet, Williams appeared on Free State Colorado this week with Libertarian Party Chair Hannah Goodman, and with a sly grin said this:

“I can assure you that if Senator Kirkmeyer wishes to run for congressional district eight again, I am fairly certain the Libertarian Party will likely field a candidate.”


So the deal’s off already?

Or it only applies to candidates who are personally backed by Williams?

We’re guessing both.