In what’s likely to be the worst job performance review ever, Colorado liberals told Democrat U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper they’re already advertising for his replacement.

Their comments came on the heel, literally, of Hickenlooper’s reelection announcement posted recently on Twitter.

Giddy up and get on down the road Boomer, his followers and fellow party members told him.

The perfect example of the harsh backlash, Hick’s campaign has blocked us from even seeing his account anymore.

But thanks to our new Twitter X overlord Elon Musk, we can still see all the nasty replies posted to Hickenlooper’s original announcement.

And thanks to Campfire Colorado for first reporting on the hilarious reactions to Hickenlooper’s official campaign announcement.

Here’s what started the fuss.

To put it bluntly, Hickenlooper will be Biden-years-old if he serves another term, and no one wants to see that again.

Brutal, and yet we’re just getting started.

The beat down was so bad, even Tay kicked in.

Tay also has Peak blocked for some reason.

Read the rest here. The thread is devastatingly anti-Hick and weighted with progressives essentially telling him old people have a duty to bugger off.