The Douglas County Republican Party will host an important event this week to educate taxpayers about to get robbed by greedy state lawmakers and their Democrat Overlord, Jared Polis.

The event will inform Coloradans on the impacts to their wallets if they vote in favor of Polis’s Proposition HH on the November ballot.

Spoiler Alert: The measure is disguised as a tax cut, but actually raises taxes on most every working Coloradan whether or not they own property.

It’s a ghastly proposition, and this event is appointment viewing for those who are exhausted by years of Bidenomics and the Bidenflation it’s created that is causing our tax bills to jump sky-high.

 The panel discussion titled “Implications for Property Taxes, TABOR, and Beyond” is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 2 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Parker Library.

Panelists include Ben Murrey of the Independence Institute, Kristi Burton Brown, former GOP state party chair, and Toby Damish, Douglas County Assessor, with moderator Kim Monson and introductory remarks by Douglas County Treasurer Dave Gill.

The discussion will include Proposition HH’s real effect on property taxes you probably won’t read about in Colorado’s establishment media, how payroll taxes will increase through the eventual demise of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR), mill rates and assessed values affected by Bidenflation.

Good on Douglas County Republicans for sponsoring this event. We hope to see local GOPs holding similar events statewide to inform voters about the real intent of Proposition HH.