Fox 31 morning host Chris Parente is none too happy about the hundreds of dollars in new taxes he’s being forced to pay to ostensibly maintain the sidewalks in front of his home.

And who can blame him?

Are we seriously maintaining sidewalks in Denver for pedestrian safety or as beautification projects?

Because we have questions.

During public comment on the sidewalk master plan, will the homeless voice count more that property taxpayers since it’s basically their home being demolished or reconstructed, we’re just paying for it?

Will city planners have to get permission to inspect the sidewalks underneath homeless people, and is that a violation of HIPAA?

Do the homeless have standing to sue to stop the forced reconstruction of their home if they don’t want it?

And finally, can we count the homeless people living on our sidewalks we are taxed to upkeep as dependents on our tax returns?

For those of you affected, click here to find out how much more in taxes you’re going to have to pay next year to maintain the homeless, err, sidewalks.