U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert is a big fan of the theater. But it turns out theatregoers are not big fans of hers.

The Western Slope Republican and a guest attended a performance of “Beetlejuice: The Musical” at the Temple Hoyne Bell Theater in Denver on Sunday, but were told to leave after intermission for complains that she was singing, making noise, and took a cell phone picture.

There was also an accusation of vaping, although it’s not clear if it was during intermission or inside the theater.

The venue is apparently proud of their actions, and shared a half dozen video clips of Boebert and her date being confronted in their seats by two security officials, and the walk of shame as they were escorted through the auditorium, into the hallway, up the stairs, through the lobby, by the concession stand, and then out the door as security guards waved to fellow workers and past smirking employees.

But wait, there more.

The crack news team also obtained four more clips from the City of Denver of Boebert and her date holding hands and dancing down various sidewalks after they left the theater.

Interestingly, there was no video of either one of them vaping inside or outside of the theater, and no video of the alleged disturbance.

Boebert confirms she was singing and laughing too aloud during the (checks Playbill) musical comedy. Her campaign denied the theater’s account of a disruption.

According to the statement issued by the theater:

“The Denver Center for the Performing Arts and Denver Arts and Venues are committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for everyone attending any production. The house staff at the Buell have the right to and routinely deny entry or remove any patrons not adhering to the guest policies. We were informed that two patrons were not adhering to the policies which eventually led to them being escorted from the theatre. For privacy purposes we do not disclose patron information.”


They don’t disclose patron information, except for the six video clips they disclosed when one would suffice.

The theater also released an incident report to the Denver Post that did not disclose Boebert’s name that was mysteriously leaked to the media.

From the Denver Post:

The report quotes one of the ushers: “They told me they would not leave. I told them that they need to leave the theater and if they do not, they will be trespassing. The patrons said they would not leave. I told them I would (be) going to get Denver Police. They said go get them.”

The report said after the two patrons were escorted out and reached the building’s vestibule, they resisted leaving and said “stuff like ‘do you know who I am,’ ‘I am on the board’ (and) ‘I will be contacting the mayor.’”

Police arrived and stayed in the lobby of the Buell until Boebert and her companion left, according to the report.

There is no video of the alleged resistance, or of police arriving.

We suspect the release of all that video wasn’t intended to prove the theater’s complaints, but to act as a fundraising mechanism to stimulate the wallets of their liberal patrons who will certainly applaud their actions.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Boebert used the video in a fundraising email as well for her upcoming campaign.