A New York tabloid has set tongues afire with speculation that GOP Congressman Ken Buck is abandoning his Colorado seat for a TV gig with whichever liberal news network might have him.

A source told the New York Post’s Steven Nelson a month ago that (checks calendar) a year ago Buck considered joining a law firm or seeking a seat on the Federal Trade Commission.The FTC has been a train wreck under Biden, and Buck has been promoting anti-trust reforms.

After Buck appeared on CNN recently and wrote an op/ed in the Washington Post criticizing Republicans for moving too quickly on impeachment, the New York Post theorized Buck’s motives are really just auditions for a TV gig.

It’s worth noting the New York Post is a conservative publication owned by Fox News operator Rupert Murdoch:

“I am interested in talking to folks at CNN and other news organizations — on the, I don’t want to call them left, but sort of center-left — and having an opportunity to do that full-time or do that as a contributor would be great also,” Buck said in a phone interview.

The problem with Buck’s answer is, we don’t know the question he was asked.

Buck has been talking to CNN and MSNBC in numerous on-air interviews recently, and he most certainly did criticize Republicans for pursuing impeachment without a smoking gun.

Impeachment has never been a winning issue for Republicans. But we still questioned Buck’s motives yesterday in this article:

Reporters with Colorado Politics say Buck’s camp is denying the claim, pointing out that he’s already running for reelection.

Republican state Rep. Richard Holtorf of Akron says he’s exploring a challenge to Buck in the 2024 party primary, citing Buck’s appearances on those very same liberal news networks.

Ironically, Holtorf made his complaint in an interview with Colorado Public Radio:

“Why is he on CNN and MSNBC? I don’t think the message he is explaining represents the sentiment of the district. For any elected official, it’s not about you. It’s about the people in your district,” said Holtorf.

Colorado’s largely rural 4th Congressional District spans the Eastern Plains and northern Colorado, with Highlands Ranch, Loveland, Castle Rock and Parker as its largest population centers. It’s the state’s reddest district, with Republicans holding a nearly 27-point advantage, based on past election results.

Either the cat is out of the bag and Buck is bucking his constituents for the limelight’s of CNN’s dwindling viewership.

Or his comments were taken out of context.

Buck needs to issue a statement and clarify his intentions if he plans to run for reelection.