Welcome to colorful One World Colorado where we are all citizens of the universe and a big happy family that votes Democrat!

That’s essentially Gov. Polis’ response to the news that President Biden has granted amnesty to half a million Venezuelans along with automatic work permits for two to five years.

Polis is over the moon with the news those folks don’t need sanctuary anymore. Now they can get to work doing all those new jobs he created that no one else wanted, and help drive down wages for the rest of us.

“Our new arrivals are ready to work and pay their own way, and now they will be able to. Providing temporary protected status and securing the border requires problem-solving and collaboration between cities, states, and the federal government, not simply politics as usual. Colorado welcomes this action as immigrants and refugees enrich our communities, strengthen our economy, and help ensure we have a Colorado for All.”

Border crisis solved!

No, wait. This just in … The Washington Times reports the border has again “slipped into chaos” contradicting claims the unprecedented surge of migrants had dissolved.

The latest grim images came from Eagle Pass, Texas, where thousands of migrants have rushed the border town in the last few days, forcing the city to declare a disaster and Customs and Border Protection to shut down some of its operations in welcoming legal travelers and instead assign them to watch the illegal immigrants.

It’s as if Biden rang the dinner bell to clear the way for even more illegal border crossings of migrants to take their place on our sidewalks and homeless shelters.

Polis isn’t the only Colorado Democrat satisfied with open borders, amnesty, and low wage workers.

Turns out the bipartisan path is to open the border to yet another half million people and let them bypass the immigration system altogether until burdened Democrat cities cry “Uncle!” again, at which time Biden will just wave his magic asylum wand.

No word on whether amnesty will allow our new “temporary” citizens to vote in the 2024 elections.