Democrats are so brainwashed they think saving democracy is when they molest a political opponent with nearly 100 accusations then demand the court remove the candidate from the ballot before the charges are proven.

And yet there can be no government by the people if the people aren’t permitted to vote for their party’s candidate because the other party found a judge to take them off the ballot.

Not to be confused with democracy, that’s called dirty tricks and Democrats excel at dirty tricks to tip the scales in their favor — like targeting certain courts or defendants who might further their political causes.

Which brings us to the Colorado district judge who was just appointed by Gov. Polis in January, and has now claimed jurisdiction over a precedent-setting case likely heading to the Supreme Court seeking to kick a Republican presidential candidate off the ballot.

the Associated Press via PBS reports on the judge’s recent decision to keep the case out of federal court and issue a protective order:

“I 100 percent understand everybody’s concerns for the parties, the lawyers, and frankly myself and my staff based on what we’ve seen in other cases,” District Judge Sarah B. Wallace said as she agreed to the protective order.

We’re not saying the judge is biased. But the defendant in the case, Secretary of State Jena Griswold, is the very face of partisan politics. We don’t expect Griswold to put up much of a fight.

We’re not clear on whether free speech is still permitted on social media or in America in general, so we’ll refrain from sharing our thoughts.

However, the Associated Press also reported:

The order prohibits parties in the case from making threatening or intimidating statements. Scott Gessler, a former Colorado secretary of state representing Trump in the case, opposed it. He said a protective order was unnecessary because threats and intimidation already are prohibited by law.

And Democrats wonder why Trump’s numbers keep going up in the polls every time they pull a dirty trick to try and beat him in the courts, rather than the ballot box?

Love him or hate him, more and more Americans are not amused by Democrats’ dirty tricks.

Just look at these poll numbers released Sunday from the progressive mothership, the Washington Post.

Asked whether the former president is being held accountable under the law like anyone else would be or unfairly victimized by his political opponents, 53 percent of Americans say he is being held accountable like others and 40 percent say he is being unfairly victimized. Three-quarters of Republicans say the latter.

Interestingly, the same question was asked of Biden and 58% said the president is being held accountable under the law. Less than a third thought Biden was unfairly targeted.

Meanwhile, a hearing date for the Colorado case has been set on the eve of Halloween. The judge has made it clear she “wants to give the Colorado Supreme Court — and possibly U.S. Supreme Court — as much time as possible to review the decision before the state’s Jan. 5 deadline to set its 2024 presidential primary ballot.”

Spoiler alert: Griswold will throw the case.

Mark our words, Trump will get kicked off Colorado’s ballot, and activists will use this case to try and defeat Trump’s campaign in the Supreme Court, where progressives have a habit of using threats and intimidation to sway decisions.

It’s politics at its ugliest.

Republicans would be well served to ignore the media beating up on their other presidential candidates and start sticking up for the best one to replace Trump if he’s carried off the field of play with career-ending injuries.