Fort Collins is leading the way in truth-busting claims by Gov. Polis and Democrat lawmakers that passing Prop HH will magically keep property taxes from increasing.

Exhibit A is ballot issue 2b asking their voters to jack up their own property taxes to subsidize affordable housing for … not themselves.

Granted, those who can barely afford their mortgages and property taxes as it is will obviously vote against the tax measure.

But those who don’t own property yet think socialized housing is a swell idea will turn out in droves.

The progressive hypocrisy of increasing housing prices as a response to increased housing prices is lost on them.

If approved, the city will raise levies three mills, which would cost average homeowners another $120 a year to generate $11 million for affordable housing.

Golden is also looking to raise property taxes by nearly $300 a year to hire firefighters.

If voters reject Prop HH, which is very likely, Colorado’s property taxes will go through the roof until the Democrat-controlled legislature passes a legislative fix like they should have done this year.

Instead, they pulled a bait and switch with Prop HH that pretends property taxes won’t increase (see Golden, Fort Collins, and every other locality with the power to raise property taxes).

But in exchange for pretending property taxes won’t increase, the state will also eliminate everyone’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) refund over a period of years.

Page Two over at Complete Colorado reports Fort Collins is also getting greedy with its tax hike proposals by looking to also increase sales and use taxes in addition to the property tax bump.

Combined, it’s expected to generate $40 million for more government spending.