Jefferson County teachers are determined to uncover their student’s secret pronoun, so they can then hide that information from parents.

Progressive Democrat state lawmakers are pushing new legislation to let children secretly change their names at school to such elementary favorites as Rabid Princess, Lil Biggie Smalls, Cow Person Bob, or Lady Bunny.

And Gov. Polis demands his universal preschool for four-year-olds follows gender rules for bathrooms and pronoun usage.

Meanwhile, our college students and young adults are acting like Nazi brownshirts and protesting for the annihilation of Jews in Israel.

If only educators and lawmakers were more interested in teaching our kids the classical basics, like history, WWII, the horrors of Nazi concentration camps, and the holocaust that killed six million Jews, a half million Gypsies, 300,000 disabled persons, plus thousands of gays and bisexuals.

Why study history?

One stock answer is that history teaches “lessons.” Trotting out George Santayana’s hoary aphorism — “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it” — some people argue that history can help guide us into a more just, humane, and enlightened future. Scholars of social reform are especially prone to this perspective. By performing “experiments on dead people,” to quote another well-worn cliche, history allows us to analyze which reforms have failed, which have worked, and, most importantly, which ones we might profitably revive today.

If progressives weren’t so intent on distorting or destroying history, whether by the banning of books that offend like Mark Twain, destruction of statues or plaques, we wouldn’t be seeing Pre WWII-Europe playing out on the streets of Colorado and all other North America.