At the risk of pissing off everyone, we’re going to say it anyway — U.S. Rep. Ken Buck was right when he testified in the trial to kick Trump off the Colorado ballot that the Jan. 6 hearings were political showmanship, not a court of law.

Everything about the Jan. 6 congressional hearings and final report — as is all congressional hearings and reports — is structured for political purposes and outcomes, Buck explained.

“There was a political purpose to that report, as there is with almost everything in Congress, and the political purpose was ultimately to win elections and to paint the one side in as bad a light as possible,” Buck said.

No truer words have every been spoken by a politician on God’s green Earth.

Whether you love Trump or hate him, suffer from Trump derangement syndrome and think him evil, or that he deserves to be president because he was cheated, that he is our savior or the Bringer of Destruction … one fact is indisputable — Politics is political, and politicians practice politics.

The Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capital was as partisan as the partisan name it carried.

It did not operate under the same rules as a courtroom and should not be treated as such.

Trump’s lawyers used Buck’s testimony to question the use of the committee’s political report as a key piece of evidence, and they are right to do so.

The report was constructed to win elections for Democrats and cripple Republicans. As congressional panels go, it was even more partisan than usual with only two Republicans and seven Democrats,

Lost in the shuffle of this partisan ploy to kick Trump off the ballot and be rid of him forever is the dangerous precedent this trial is setting.

If Republicans had the House instead of Democrats and used that time to conduct impeachment hearings of President Biden, those findings could be used in the exact same manner as the Jan. 6 report to kick Biden off the ballot in say, California.

Of course, there’s still time …