Gov. Polis’s last-minute solution to skyrocketing property taxes was to still raise property taxes and keep more of our TABOR refunds through Prop HH.

But that was earlier this year when Democrats were certain Joe Biden would seek reelection and Polis could afford to be greedy for our hard-earned dollars.

Now Beltway Democrat insiders are openly trashing Biden and desperately seeking a savior who can launch a last-minute presidential campaign to beat back Trump, who gets more popular with each indictment.

And what does Polis do?

A masterful flip at the Prop HH debate insisting he’s all for doing property and income tax relief any time of year.

Including when Prop HH goes down in flames, hopefully later tonight.

From NBC News:

WASHINGTON — Pick a metaphor: President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign is a “five-alarm fire.” It’s a cardiac case in need of a “defibrillator.” Or a lemming on course to “slowly march into the sea and drown.”


All come from Democratic strategists whose low-boil frustrations with Biden’s candidacy erupted over the weekend amid a spate of bleak polling numbers. No less a party mastermind than David Axelrod, architect of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, suggested in a social media post that Biden consider dropping out of the race and letting someone more electable take his place as the Democratic presidential nominee.

We expect to see more posturing from Polis in the coming weeks as Democrats make a last-ditch effort to drop their president and shop for another candidate.

So now would be a good time to scuttle Prop HH and send the legislature back into session to do the job they promised to do earlier this year — fix the property tax windfall for government caused by Bidenomics without raising other taxes.