Gov. Polis called a press conference Thursday to pull this stupid stunt and do what he should have done eight months ago — direct the legislature to cut and cap property tax rates that were blown through the roof by Bidenomics.

It wasn’t even real glass. It was just a sheet of plexiglass set inside the cabinet which took Polis two swings to knock out of the way.

Instead of doing the work then, Polis and the Democrat legislature so many Coloradans are fond of electing tried to pull a fast one with Prop HH, which mercifully has failed.

Polis ordered his minions to reconvene on Friday, Nov. 17 for a three-day session to come up with a temporary fix.

From Colorado Public Radio:

The stunt didn’t get any laughs from the assembled press, but it certainly got everyone’s attention. Polis said the session will focus on a quick fix for the 2023 tax year, for which taxes are due next year. He also wants to form a “blue ribbon” commission to look at longer-term changes.


“If we do nothing, Colorado homeowners are facing record property tax increases,” Polis said. “The cost of inaction is too high. It means people could be forced to make the hard choices between their property taxes and groceries or gas. For Colorado renters, it means the uncertainty of how much their rent will go up, as landlords pass their costs on to them.”

We fully expect the legislature to pause tax hikes, which will hit 40% for some property owners, just long enough for Democrats to come up with yet another evil plan to get that money out of our pockets one way or another.

Just like they did with Prop HH.

They never learn, but we should.

Taxpayers need to keep in mind these unexpected property tax hikes would result in financial windfalls that local and state government never expected nor planned to receive.

To pretend that government needs to somehow make up this windfall by raising other taxes, or that not getting the unexpected money somehow is a tax cut that will impact government services, is a flat-out lie.

And as voters proved this week, they’re not falling for the lie.

Democrats, go ask the Republicans. They already have the legislation ready to go to do the real work that should have been done in the first place.