Outgoing embattled Denver School Board member Auon’tai “Tay” Anderson didn’t run for reelection, having seen the proverbial writing on the wall there was no chance voters would reelect another rabble-rouser to the dysfunctional board.

And yet the self-absorbed manchild could not help but insert himself into the election news cycle by assuring voters his supporters will not launch an insurrection to keep him in power.

As if.

Anderson issued a statement assuring voters there will be a “peaceful transition of power” from his pompous self to the new at-large school board member who was elected to replace him.

Check out the last sentence in the first paragraph.

Dude, you’re not the commander-in-chief of the U.S. military. There’s no power to transmit as a school board member except your vote. Just clean out your desk and be gone!

And yet he couldn’t help but stir the pot.

Anderson broke his peaceful pledge almost immediately to argue with online critics, then turned off commenting.

So desperate for attention, that one.

If we were the school superintendent, we’d go ahead and change the locks on whatever doors Anderson has a key because he just can’t help but start trouble everywhere he goes.

Meanwhile, Denver voters cleaned house and voted out all the school board incumbents and elected three new members, John Youngquist, Marlene De La Rosa and Kimberlee Sia.

Anderson plans to make trouble for the state legislature by running for the House District 8 seat. He should blend in well there with the other clowns who dominate the state House.