Human beings have been crying out for centuries against micromanagers and bad bosses, and now thanks to the Boulder County coroner, those are solid reasons to force an elected official out of office!

From the Denver Post:

Boulder County Coroner Emma Hall announced Thursday she will be stepping down after she took time away from the office following a third-party investigation that affirmed workplace complaints from employees including favoritism, antagonism and micromanagement.

In her wake, Hall revealed that morale is shit, so her replacement by yet another Democrat vacancy committee, namely the board of county commissioners, will have their work cut out for them.

Hall was first elected in 2011, and her current term ends at the end of 2026. She says:

“Staff morale has been an enduring challenge that I inherited and personally confronted during my time in office,” Hall said. “Despite concerted efforts, fully resolving this issue proved to be a complex undertaking. I am hopeful that the incoming coroner will continue working towards improving staff morale and fostering a positive and professional work environment.”

Admittedly, working primarily with corpses does not require exceptional people skills. But an elected Democrat in Boulder County would have to be pretty nasty to resign for an investigation into (checks notes) being a micromanager.


But if you read the details provided in some media reports, the employees sure sound petty and thin-skinned.

And buried are claims the coroner hid many of her purchases with debit cards issued to other employees, a serious issue that’s not worthy of as much attention as the media are giving to petty office politics.

Read the rest of the background on the internal investigation of her behavior here.