A Democrat running for Congress in the 4th District was arrested this week on charges he violated a 2021 restraining order against a woman.

Ike McCorkle was arrested in Douglas County on Wednesday, posted a $500 bond, and is scheduled to appear in court there today.

McCorkle has twice been elected in the district’s Democrat primary to take on U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, losing both in the General Election.

This year, McCorkle will face off against fellow Democrats Karen Breslin and John Padora in the party primary on June 25.

Interestingly, the only outlet reporting on the Democrat’s arrest is the hyper partisan progressive blog, Colorado Newsline.

Contacted by phone Thursday evening, McCorkle called the arrest “illegitimate” and said he expects the matter to be cleared up in his court appearance. He said the charges are related to nonsense claims.

Other than that, the details of the case are few.

The protective order was obtained by Jennifer Varnak. It’s not clear whether she’s an ex-spouse, former girlfriend, or mother of his offspring.

McCorkle, a former Marine, is campaigning as a “single father.”

The day before his arrest, Colorado CBS News reported McCorkle had raised $200,000 since Lauren Boebert announced she was moving from the 3rd to the 4th District to run for that congressional seat.

“She is actually giving us a gift,” McCorkle said. “She is giving us an opportunity that may otherwise not have come for another two or three cycles.”

Because Democrats are all about Big Guns.

Political karma’s a bitch, bro.

During his campaign in 2022 against Buck, McCorkle criticized Trump supporters on his Facebook page for questioning the raid on Mar-a-Lago:

To the those who are saying “If they can do this to Trump, imagine what they’ll do to you!” What is it exactly that you’re trying to hide from law enforcement? Weren’t you the ones a few months back saying that if you did nothing wrong then it shouldn’t matter if law enforcement takes a look around? It’s almost like you know that Trump has broken the law and potentially compromised our nuclear security.

It’s the point of America’s legal system that everyone is held accountable to the same standard – whether you’re a teacher, a farmer, a lawyer, or the former President of the United States.

Let the courts do their job so we find out what really happened.

If the arrest is “illegitimate” based on nonsense claims as McCorkle insists, then he should have been more transparent about the facts surrounding his case. Right?