It’s winter in Colorado, which means global warming is on vacation and it can get wicked cold outside.

Temperatures are supposed to drop below zero in the Denver region this weekend, forcing Gov. Polis to multi-task his media hits.

First up is a disaster declaration that it’s going to get really cold outside.

The Denver Gazette sums it up:

Those in the cold snap area should avoid staying outside for extended periods of time, leaving animals outside and using stoves, barbecues and ovens heat your homes. These heating tools can create a significant risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, according to a public health advisory from the Douglas County Health Department.

From Polis’s order:

Avoid unnecessary travel and outdoor activities.

So while California transplants are freaking out that winter is coming, Polis is going skiing.

But seriously, there are many homeless folks and migrants sleeping on the streets these days, and they should seek shelter. The Gazette also has the shelter list.

It would be helpful if President Biden and Polis would also issue warnings to the seemingly never ending stream of migrants crashing our border that winter is not a good time to come, because our shelters are needed for those without homes who are already here.