Senator Mark Udall’s Rasmussen poll numbers published last week  might be as good as it gets for the embattled Senator.  Starting this week, Americans For Prosperity are going up on TV with this ad for a buy of $500,000 that will run over the next three weeks as reported by Politico.  This will be paired with a simultaneous buy for the Colorado Springs TV market to the tune of $340,000.  The Professional Left has already come out hard against the ad trying to disparage it in any way they can.  Noticeably absent in their many critiques is the content.  It’s not so much who is saying the words, as the words themselves:

From the ad:

“And millions of people have lost their health insurance.  Millions of people can’t see their own doctor.  And millions are paying more and getting less.”

Bang the table and shout at the top of your lungs Lefties because these statements are true and Udall is fully culpable for each of them.

We’ve linked to earlier AFP ads that have gone up around the country to great effect saying at the time:

We’re betting Senator Mark Udall is praying Americans For Prosperity runs out of money before the organization gets a chance to unleash these devastating ads against him in Colorado.

Not only has AFP not run out of money, but it seems Udall has jumped quite a few other vulnerable Democratic U.S. Senators in line as an AFP target.  We can’t blame them as bad news on Obamacare and various miscues have taken Udall’s re-election chances from bad to worse.

This has left Udall in need of drastic measures.  On one hand, he can go all in after this week’s bedtime story and whore himself out to billionaire Tom Steyer in hopes Steyer’s eco-dollars can combat AFP’s money.   While this will endear Udall to the far left (and his wife), polls have shown the majority of Coloradans are in favor of building the Keystone XL pipeline, something Steyer refuses to support in any form.  On the other hand, he can try to neutralize Keystone XL by pulling a Ken Salazar, but this route kisses Steyer’s dollars goodbye and makes for some awkward backtracking (not to mention it reserves him a spot sleeping on the couch for the foreseeable future).

Looking around and realizing there’s nothing but bad options is a sure sign of a failing campaign.