Of course recycled water should be used for toilets in commercial buildings, that makes perfect sense.

But we cringe and shudder at the suggestion by Denver Water that recycled water should also be used to wash livestock and for crop irrigation.

Because it’s recycled water.

“This is where the world is going,” Denver Water chief executive Jim Lochhead said. “Utilities are exploring this concept of ‘one water,’ the right water quality for the right purpose, and making the most efficient use of water.”

Rising temperatures from climate change and exhaustion of the river compel new approaches, he said.

We applaud them for finding new uses of recycled water, but we’re skeptical of its use on ingestible products like marijuana crops. And we’re doubly skeptical if this is just a scheme in the name of conquering climate change.

We’re not crazy about the idea of washing livestock in it either, and would hesitate to wash our own dog in it then (shudder) watch him lick all the water from his fur.

Denver Water may think this is where the world is going, but we don’t think we’re ready to go there with them.

Car washes yes, irrigating lawns and putting out fires, absolutely, let’s reuse that nasty water that runs through our bathroom fixtures and washing machines.

But let’s rethink crops and livestock.