The police bodycam of Democrat state Rep. Matt Gray’s arrest on DUI charges has finally surfaced, in the UK Daily Mail based in London.

The video of Gray’s behavior with police is indescribably sad and pathetic, yet clearly illustrates why the Broomfield lawmaker announced shortly after it was released that he will not seek reelection this fall.

However, Gray insists he will finish out his current term.

He hasn’t shown his face at the Capitol since his arrest, which came as he tried to pick up his children from school. Staff there refused to turn over his children, and called police to report the lawmaker was possibly inebriated. 

Gray has since worked remotely, and voted Monday against a bill that “ seeks to confront Colorado’s fentanyl crisis,” Colorado Politics reports. 

Here’s the link to the video of Gray’s belligerent behavior with police. 

“I am the state f****ng representative for this state, so, like, you can Google me if you want to,” Gray said to police.

Ironically for Gray, getting Googled will henceforth include this cringe-worthy video of his arrest.

Spoiler alert

As the video ends with the handcuffed state lawmaker being secured in the backseat of the squad car, Gray suddenly warns police that he is friends with the prosecuting attorney, before proclaiming they should still just treat him just like anybody else.

“That’s why you’re under arrest, sir,” an officer responded.