With voting underway, Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser is pretending he never supported supervised drug infection sites — an idea so unpopular that Democrats bailed on legalizing it in Denver a couple years ago.

John Kellner, the Republican candidate running for attorney general, called out Weiser during the 9News debate for backing such a hair-brained idea:

Weiser tried to weasel out of it by claiming he never supported the concept.

And yet:

That’s awkward. We’re not sure who to believe, Phil Weiser, or Phil Weiser?

PeakNation will recall that Wesier wasted your hard-earned taxpayer dollars by jumping into the middle of a Philadelphia lawsuit to Legalize Drug Dens.

The Democratic state legislature this year dropped the idea of legalizing drug dens for heroin and meth users after a public blowback.

But now, Colorado’s attorney general has decided our taxpayer dollars should be spent in a court battle to legalize public drug houses — in Philadelphia.

Phil Weiser filed friend of the court briefings along with Oregon, Michigan, D .C., Delaware, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Virginia this week in favor of the first non-profit injection site in the U.S.

And who was the Democrat lawmaker pushing the state law? None other than state Senator-turned-congressional-candidate Brittany Pettersen.