While some of Colorado’s high-profile social media tramps are claiming to abandon Twitter because Elon Musk won’t support banning free speech, others including Democrat state Rep. Brianna Titone are trolling the billionaire.

Like when Musk’s family was doxed through a real-time tracker, and a stalker blocked the vehicle carrying his two-year-old son and climbed on the hood.

Titone thinks Musk is a hypocrite for not being okay with that, as if any parent would.

Doxxing is not cool, no matter one’s political persuasion. Like when politicians were real-time tweeting events on Jan. 6.

Radical progressives also think it’s cute to dox the home addresses of Supreme Court Justices when they disagree with a ruling.

And it’s okay to scare Musk’s family because he let Trump back on Twitter.


Just as the Denver media thinks it’s okay to dox Colorado parents.