First, they came for the energy that powers the planet.

Now the Democrats are coming for our beer, our donuts, and our freedom to commute to work.

Such evil must not be allowed to stand. Colorado Politics reports:

“Make no mistake — this bill goes far beyond just the energy industry,” Colorado Chamber President and CEO Loren Furman said in statement, adding the proposal, House Bill 1294, would “create complex and costly new regulations on a broad range of businesses, from breweries and bakeries to hotels and warehouses.”


The Colorado Chamber of Commerce-led coalition also said a provision in the bill seeks to revive a proposal from two years ago that seeks to impose a “trip reduction” program on companies aimed at curbing vehicle emissions.

PeakNation™ will recall that demonic plan proposed by Gov. Polis would have radically restricted how workers could commute, telling businesses only 25% of their employees would be permitted to drive their own vehicles to work, while also taking away free parking.

By 2024, only 60% of workers will be allowed to drive to work. Unless they can afford an electric car, then they’re exempted.

It turns out workers and employers weren’t so deceived by Polis’s claims it was necessary to do away with commuting just along the Front Range in order to save the planet from climate change destruction.

The plan backfired with a vengeance and Democrats were forced to scuttle the idea.

But now the bill sponsors would have us believe we have to abandon our cars for commuting to work and impose stricter emission standards on breweries and bakeries or else we’re racists and hate poor people.

The legislation says people of color and low-income Coloradans “bear outsized environmental burdens due to past and present discriminatory environmental policies, endure higher health risks from exposure, experience systemic injustice, and have faced exclusion from government decision-making and enforcement efforts.”


“All people have the right to breathe clean air, yet poor air quality frequently puts public health at risk in communities across Colorado, particularly in disproportionately impacted communities that are subjected to adverse cumulative impacts from multiple pollution sources,” the bill says.

The bill is sponsored by Democrat state Reps. Jennifer Bacon and Jenny Willford, and state Sens. Faith Winter and Julie Gonzales.

For a list of all the organization who agree this is a rotten idea, click here.