They didn’t get 25,000 white women to show up, the four-day protest quickly fizzled out, and Gov. Polis never signed the executive order they demanded banning gun.

But in true progressive spirt, the organizers declared their media stunt a victory and vowed to continue their war on Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

Here 4 The Kids called for all white women to protest at the Denver Capitol until the governor signed away our rights, or for four days, whichever came first.

This is at the height of day one, which organizers described as thousands of protestors:

From the Colorado Sun:

People from across the U.S. and from other countries had plans to line the statehouse lawn from Monday through Thursday hoping their peaceful civil action would lead to radical change in firearms policies.


Here 4 The Kids organizers said participants would remain on the Capitol grounds for at least four days or until Gov. Jared Polis answered their demands by signing an executive order banning guns and creating a statewide buyback program. Polis did not sign the order and few protesters showed up after Monday. By Thursday afternoon, there was no one demonstrating outside the Capitol.

For those about to get triggered, that’s a “Blazing Saddles” reference. If you’ve never seen this classic comedy back when comedy was funny, good luck finding an original version that hasn’t been cut all to Hell to appease all the gendered Gods of Woke.

PeakNation™ will recall this group was founded by two women of color who wanted white women only to “put their bodies on the ground, as marginalized communities have always done and continue to do.”

This is what happens when you put Karen in charge of civil disobedience.

She just shows up for the photo op to post on social media and boss everyone around with her virtue signaling then calls it a day.