How about those Nuggets! Congratulations to the team on an awesome season and the historic championship games to win the NBA title.

We are all so proud, and some of us are probably still celebrating!

But now for some unfinished business.

It would be great if Gov. Polis would retract that bet with Gov. DeSantis in Florida claiming Disney World’s relocation to Colorado if the Nuggets won.

We’re happy we won, but we’re not that happy.

We don’t have any need for the manufactured happiness of corporate wokeness that costs twice as much as lift ticket just to walk through the gate.

Colorado already has some of the most magical landscapes on Earth, and life can get even more magical after a quick trip to the dispensary.

And sometimes our scary rides can get too real.

The one thing Polis got right in his bet was his reference to freedom in Colorado. Yet that only seems to apply to criminals.

Did the shooting suspects not know that June is Pride Gun Violence Awareness Month or that Democrats in the state legislature had addressed gun violence in the recently ended session and put a stop to it?