Colorado Republican U.S. Rep. Ken Buck urged former President Trump to communicate with his followers to remain peaceful as he turned himself in Thursday to be charged yet again by an ambitious Democrat prosecutor.

“I think he absolutely needs to tell all Americans to stand down and allow the judicial system to take its course,” Buck said.

“We trust judges, we trust juries, we trust appellate courts. This isn’t over until it’s over,” Buck said. “I think that sending a very clear message, and also having a surrogate send a very clear message, that violence will not be tolerated, is appropriate.”

And so it was.

Atlanta’s Fox 5 reported the protest and counterprotests were “passionate but peaceful.”

Over at 11 News, the ice cream truck featured prominently among the protestors who (double checks) were all getting along.

There was no violence, no arson, no looting, and no one got arrested.

Well, except for Trump.

But that wasn’t good enough for Kyle Clark back at 9News in Denver, who took to X to get his followers all riled about Buck’s plea for peace, because of a Marine t-shirt the congressman wore at an event three freaking years ago.

The Greeley Tribune reported at the time:

The phrase is well-known among the Marines and Green Berets, but some people criticized him for wearing the slogan that can be viewed as divisive and has violent historical origins.

Here’s a closer look at the Special Forces t-shirt that triggered Clark.

Whether Clark was just pulling receipts and questioning Buck’s sincerity that Trump supporters protest peacefully, or trying to incite the political left to violence against MAGA supporters, his post showed poor judgement.

But in the end it didn’t work, because ice cream trumps hate.