With his fist raised in defiance and his other hand on a stack of unidentified manifestos, Tim Hernández was sworn in as the newest radical socialist lawmaker to serve in the Colorado state House.

Viva Tim!

It wasn’t the traditional ceremony wherein one takes the oath of office while swearing upon the holy book of their religion and pledging to their God to uphold the constitution.

It’s unclear what Hernández swore upon — a photo album? Some papers he needed to file or perhaps his thesis? The epic historical saga of Victor Villasenor’s family “In Rain of Gold?”

It’s hard to take seriously a legislator who swears an oath on a novel to uphold the Constitution.

If one just randomly pledges whatever pops to mind, was he really sworn into office?

This isn’t the pledge of allegiance to a flag, dude, this is the oath of office put forth in Colorado law. A law being one of those things with which you will be tasked as a lawmaker to write:

I [name], do [select swear, affirm, or swear by the everliving God] that I will support the constitution of the United States, the constitution of the state of Colorado, and the laws of the state of Colorado, and will faithfully perform the duties of the office of [name of office or position] upon which I am about to enter to the best of my ability.

If choosing to swear an oath, the person swearing shall do so with an uplifted hand.

Hand, fist, or even the middle finger, apparently that doesn’t matter anymore, either.

The media just tracked down ten videos of Lauren Boebert being escorted out of a theater.

Is it too much to ask someone in the media to check whether this joker has officially taken the oath of office or whether he’s just posing for his homies on social media?

The swearing in ceremony got even stranger when Hernández led his own round of applause.

And he’s already in big demand.

Like many other state lawmakers, Hernández wasn’t actually elected to office, but selected by a Democrat Party committee to represent his fellow socialists living in Northwest Denver’s District 4. That seat was vacated by Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez when she was elected to Denver City Council.

In addition to Hernández, the Democratic Socialists of America includes among their ranks state Sen. Julie Gonzales and Reps. Javier Mabrey, Elisabeth Epps, Junie Joseph, and Lorena Garcia.

Since being appointed by the Democrat committee, Hernández has disavowed his Marxist leanings. But he still hates Whitey.