Peak has preached for months that Gov. Polis and his warm and fuzzy Democrats in the state legislature made a major mistake in assuming voters were complete idiots who would fall for a deceptive tax hike disguised as a cut.

As if the legislature needed voters’ permission in the form of a ballot measure to cut taxes.

We love it when we’re right.

Big props to all the taxpayer heroes who led the fight to defeat Prop HH, including this guy.

And these guys …

Our wallet thanks you.

Giving credit where credit is due, Polis also predicted taxpayers weren’t dumb enough to pass his dumpster fire of a tax scam and split town before the polls closed on Election Day for a “meeting” in Wyoming.

Polis could not be reached for comment after the demise of his scheme.

Republicans however were already hard at work putting a plan together to provide property tax relief before the increased tax, courtesy of Bidenomics, kicks in come January.

We expect Polis’s willingness to do the right thing and adjust property tax relief caused by Bideninflation is in direct proportion to his presidential ambitions.

Stay tuned!