Some politicians will do anything to get elected, like Juan Marcano, who pretended to shed his radical socialist identity in a desperate attempt beat Mike Coffman in the Aurora mayoral race.

Yet voters didn’t fall for his thinly veiled charade and reelected Coffman with 53% of the vote compared to Marcano’s 41%, while Jeff Sanford took the remaining 6%.

Marcano also tried to distance himself from fellow socialist shit-stirrer Tim Hernandez after the newly appointed state representative rallied in the streets about five minutes after Hamas attacked Israel, beheaded babies, raped mothers and kidnapped Holocaust survivors.

The political blowback against Hernandez and other socialist Democrats was swift and relentless, and while Hernandez dug in his heels, Marcano got in front of the public relations disaster by declaring his resignation from the Denver Socialists of America.

But then Marcano went missing in action after the poll results came in, and has refused to concede to Coffman or even thank his supporters.

From the Denver Post:

Although Marcano wasn’t ready to concede on Tuesday night, he acknowledged his loss Wednesday afternoon, saying that “the trends aren’t where they need to be” for him to win. He has not officially release(d) a concession statement or called Coffman yet.

But just 48 hours after the election, Marcano was back on X stirring up antisemite sentiment, along with Hernandez, who’s been radio silent since his half-hearted apology a month ago.

Congratulations to Aurora voters for pushing past radical politics to reelect Coffman, a mayor truly interested in solving the city’s tough issues like crime, homelessness, a recovering economy, and working with the community to bring folks together.

Tim Hernandez campaigns for Juan Marcano for Aurora mayor.