Joseph Goebbels would be so proud.

Hitler’s mastermind of propaganda never had an intolerant and instantaneous social media audience at his evil fingertips, already trained to hate and protest on demand for any cause that prized skin color or religion over war criminals.

But here they are. Instant Nazis. From sea to shining sea; Eating up the radical islamist propaganda that any idiot fact checker could dispute if so inclined, as they march across college campuses and major U.S. cities including Denver and Colorado Springs reciting antisemitic rallying cries.

In Colorado, state Rep. Iman Jodeh would have us believe that Gaza is some sort of civil rights safe haven that stands with America on issues of police brutality and a clean environment.

Pretty sure Gaza is where they push gay people off of rooftops and women must be accompanied by a male relative.

Even Joe Biden isn’t buying claims by Hamas that 10,000 have been killed in four weeks.

Hell, the number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in post September 11 wars is 7,000.

Interestingly, we could only find these tweets of Sunday’s rally by a Denver 7 reporter, but no actual news coverage, anywhere.

Is it because the protestors are mad at Biden, too?

But Biden didn’t care. He spent the weekend at his house in Rehobeth Beach.

The protestors got glowing media coverage in the Beltway, where only one person was arrested for vandalizing government property a McDonalds fast food restaurant.

While the state media ignored the thousands of protestors who marched on the Capitol in Denver, a smaller rally in Colorado Springs drew some glowing TV coverage by a Fox News affiliate.

On protestor explained why it was so important for people like her to protest.

“Here in Colorado, it doesn’t affect us in any way if we don’t let it. But that’s a privilege. And we have to use our privilege to speak out and to make sure our representatives don’t keep sending money to support murder,” said Catherin Bristow, who showed up to the protest in downtown Colorado Springs with her sister Elizabeth.

Privileged, indeed.