BAGGAGE: A Vote For Udall Is A Vote For Harry Reid, WaPo Writes

“If you win, I win.”

The Washington Post has an interesting article today, which shouldn’t bring too much joy to Sen. Mark Udall’s campaign (then again, not much is nowadays).  In the article The WaPo basically states if either Colorado or Iowa goes Republican, Sen. Harry Reid’s reign as the leader of the Senate is essentially over.  Yep, you can add “a vote for Udall is a vote for Harry Reid” to the already-known “a vote for Udall is a vote for Obama.”

Now remember, Republicans thought they had a clear path to the six Senate seats needed for a victory even without these states… it’s hard to see how the Democrats could hold the Senate if they lose either — and surely if they lose both — Iowa and Colorado. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Even if Udall hadn’t spent the last six years doing essentially nothing for Coloradans, he’d still have a hard time winning reelection when all signs point to him being basically a clone of Harry Reid and Obama.  (Maybe clone isn’t the right word… lovechild?)

To boot, the liberal WaPo has also taken notice of how strong of an opponent Udall has in Rep. Cory Gardner:

Colorado Republicans got a high-quality candidate when Garner not only decided to run but cleared out other Republican opposition. He’s been on the offensive — battering Udall on Obamacare and on the Keystone XL Pipeline. [the Peak’s emphasis]

We’re not exactly sure who “Garner” is, but surely the WaPo will learn how to spell GarDner’s name when he goes from being one of 435, to just one of 100.

The fact that Udall and his liberal outside groups have already tossed millions of dollars against Gardner trying to tear him down, and yet, the view from a liberal paper is that Gardner is still on the offensive, has got to be a gut punch to them.  Udall’s already pretty much thrown the kitchen sink at Gardner, and it hasn’t been enough.  With Udall only having blanks left to fire, we are beginning to wonder when the outside money will begin to dry up.  We know liberals love to spend other people’s money, but when it comes to their own, they can be quite stingy; and, a lost cause is a lost cause.

As for Gardner, The WaPo lays out what he needs to do to take this lead through election day:

…both Republicans will need to keep on the offensive, rebut the onslaught of attack ads coming their way and present a responsible, positive set of policies they’d be willing to support. If they do, one or both of them are likely to win (both incumbents are well below 50 percent). And with that will go the Democratic majority. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Say it with us PeakNation™: “and with that will go the Democratic majority.”


BITTER: Ousted State Senator John Morse Launched Committee to Restrict Recalls

The successful effort to recall Democratic Senate President John Morse was one of the more satisfying outcomes of 2013.  Imagine our entertainment when we stumbled across a new issue committee called “Citizens for a Stable Colorado”.  Stable how, you ask?  By keeping the same arrogant, not-accountable-to-constituents legislators in office. Here’s the purpose of the organization:

“To educate Colorado voters on the instability caused by easing recall elections and to oppose any ballot initiatives that try to ease the requirements for recall elections”

Who would stand up such an organization?  Turns out the organization was filed in April 2014 by Tyler Chaffee at Strategies 360, who helped pass the “Better Denver” bond as well as helping out those poor union folk, like the SEIU.  The other person listed as an agent is none other than “”.  Of course, takes us right to John Morse’s mug.

Morse, perhaps feeling a little sensitive after being removed from office by his constituents after not listening to them his disastrous gun grab, set this committee up to fight Initiative 76, which would have defined who could be recalled and how.  There were just two beneficiaries of this committee – Morse ($3850) and Marc Grueskin’s firm Rechtkornfeld, PC ($10,812).  The Colorado Forum Fund also received a donation of $437 when the account was terminated in July.

Who donated to the committee?

  • Unions and allies: American Federation of Teachers, Colorado Education Association, Colorado Association of School Executives
  • Left-wing groups: Colorado Bar Association, One Colorado (mission creep anyone?), Conservation Colorado (…because it’s concerned about mail in ballots causing pollution…?)
  • Gang of Four: Pat Stryker

Gosh, what interest could these groups have in shutting down recall efforts?  Could it be that these groups are trying to maintain their stranglehold on Colorado?  Or, is it just that John Morse is super bitter?  Since the ballot initiative was struck down by the Colorado Supreme Court on a technicality, Colorado may never know.

But, we will laugh about the fact that Morse set up a committee from which only he and Grueskin benefited that so obviously was driven by Morse’s bitterness.


LIBERAL PANIC: Dem Poll Finds Gov and Sen Races Statistically Tied

The stuff of Colorado Dems’ nightmares

Time to hit the panic button Colorado Lefties, your beloved liberal-leaning Public Policy Polling just released a new poll that has both the Colorado Gubernatorial and Senatorial races as statistically tied.  At an identical 44%-43% Gov. John Hickenlooper and Sen. Mark Udall are tied with their opponents, former Rep. Bob Beauprez and Rep. Cory Gardner, respectively.

Those week-old daydreams of Pina coladas, and warm breezes, and Marist Polls are completely vanquished now.  Welcome to the days of pain and agony, where you wake up each morning to once again attempt the Sisyphean task of trying to convince middle-of-the-road Colorado electorate your candidates didn’t go off on a drunken, liberal binge their entire past terms.

For those of you specializing in the Hick race, please resist the urge and not punch yourself in the face as Hickenlooper goes off-script yet again to try and explain— unsuccessfully— how he doesn’t want to be the next Michael Bloomberg, who condescendingly tells all Coloradans he knows how they can better live their lives than they do themselves (“You guys should really start with some roads, roads make life a lot easier”).  Please put the sharp objects down as Hickenlooper carelessly tosses you under the bus yet again just so he feels the audience he is talking to at that time loves him just a bit more.  Because, maybe, just maybe, tonight will finally be the night Hickenlooper decides to set the beer down and actually focus on winning a race.

Who are we kidding?  All his most trusted advisers saw the writing on the wall long ago, and have their exit strategies already planned out.

As for you Udallians (Udallites?)… HA!  Your boss voted 99% of the time with a President who is getting just a 39% approval rating by Coloradans in a liberal poll.  Tack on the fact that his legislative record is radioactively toxic (like, seriously, put on a hazmat suit before you go anywhere near it), and that he’d be unable to stake out a moderate Colorado position even if it smacked the hiking boots off of him, he’s pretty much dead man walking at this point.  All we can say is: enjoy the nice weather and be sure to tell all your liberal friends we’re all bat-shit crazy out here once you flee back to your liberal enclaves on either coast when this race is over.

As for us Coloradans who are here because there’s no other place we’d rather be, things are looking up.  On the generic ballot test Republicans are +7.  We lead by no less than eight points on all the other state-wide, down-ticket races (35-27, Wayne Williams over Joe Neguse; 43-33 Walker Stapleton over Betsy Markey; 38-29, Cynthia Coffman over Don Quick).  Perhaps it’s time for Pols to update its “Big Line,” or, at least put its money where its mouth is and actual take bets on their ridiculous odds.  We could use a new massage chair to relax in after the Democratic beat down that is coming this November.  These next few months should be fun.


SINKING SHIP: Oil And Gas Flee From Udall

“Y U No Like Me?”

Between eco-extremist Tom Steyer’s personal crusade against the Keystone XL pipeline and far-left liberal Rep. Jared Polis’ quest to ban fracking, the Colorado oil and gas industry has quickly become a focal point for this election cycle.  For the average Coloradan, supporting our domestic oil and gas industry is a no-brainer.  A study from the Leeds School of Business at CU estimates a fracking ban would hurt Colorado’s economy to the tune of $12 billion, while getting rid of 93,000 good-paying, Colorado jobs.  It goes without saying, it’s vital Colorado gets it right when it comes to oil and gas.  With this election cycle being so important for them, it’s no surprise that when it comes to who the Colorado oil and gas industry backs in our Senate race, it definitely isn’t Sen. Mark Udall.

In an illuminating piece by The Wall Street Journal, Amy Harder shows how quickly the oil and gas industry abandoned Udall after he climbed into bed with Steyer:

After initially supporting incumbent Sen. Mark Udall (D., Colo.), through the first quarter of this year, oil and natural gas companies have since overwhelmingly supported his challenger, Rep.Cory Gardner (R., Colo.), over Mr. Udall.

… Since Mr. Gardner entered the Senate race, the oil and gas industry has been pouring money into Mr. Gardner’s campaign. Between the first and second quarters, the industry gave $223,600 to Mr. Gardner and just $41,460 to Mr. Udall, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Harder goes on to report that two of the biggest oil and gas companies in Colorado, Noble Energy and Anadarko Petroleum, overwhelmingly support Gardner over Udall.  This is hardly a surprise as Udall’s constant ‘no’ votes on the Keystone XL pipeline, coupled with his refusal to take a definite stance on Polis’ fracking bans until just recently, shows he is not a friend to Colorado’s energy sector, which has brought so many good paying jobs to Colorado.  Unlike Udall, not everyone is rich enough to live in the reality-absent, utopian-bubble that is Boulder.  Udall’s ability to favor far-left, environmental causes no matter the costs to Colorado’s economy is a luxury the average Coloradan can’t afford.

So far, the Colorado oil and gas industry has done a magnificent job working with the legislature to craft commonsense reforms and regulations; it’s a shame that despite this hard-earned record, Udall still looks at them with weary eyes.  Gardner better represents the moderate ways of Colorado, where we can find a sensible balance between enjoying nature while also fostering a robust economy.  Udall’s reluctance to sign on to this balance just demonstrates how much he is better suited to go live in a remote, off-the-grid, mountain cabin, than represent us pragmatic Coloradans in Washington D.C.  Fortunately for him, come November, he can do just such a thing.


Peak Feed: Thank Mike Coffman for Standing Up for Veterans

A few weeks ago, a deplorable ad was published by a left-wing astroturf group that suggested Andrew Romanoff would be better for veterans than Republican Congressman Mike Coffman (a veteran).  Yes, we’re still laughing. Today, Concerned Veterans for America published its own ad that gives the real story of Coffman’s commitment to veterans.  As they said in a press release accompanying the ad:

Rep. Coffman not only fought for our country during his time in the military—he also continued to fight for the freedoms America was founded on when he was elected to Congress. He worked to improve the lives of his fellow veterans by pushing and co-sponsoring the Veterans Access to Care Act (H.R. 4810) and the Department of Veterans Affairs Management Accountability Act (H.R. 4031), which CVA strongly supports. While President Obama and the U.S. Senate acted as bystanders and did nothing to fix the VA’s problems, veterans died waiting for care at VA facilities. Rep. Coffman recognized the problems though, and took immediate, decisive action.

“Concerned Veterans for America wants to thank Congressman Coffman for his service to his country both as a veteran and as a veterans advocate during his time in the House of Representatives,” said Pete Hegseth, CEO of CVA. [the Peak's emphasis]

Watch the ad here:

From the ad:

The VA is failing Colorado’s veterans, but Congressman Mike Coffman, a veteran himself, is fighting everyday to improve the lives of his fellow veterans and fix the VA. Coffman serves on the Veterans Affairs Committee, and fought to pass legislation that would give Colorado veterans better access to healthcare and hold bad managers accountable at the VA. Call Mike Coffman. Thank him for standing up for his fellow Colorado veterans.

How about a 9News Truth Test on this one?


DOUBLE TROUBLE: CO Health Exchange Runs into Billing Snafu; Fontneau Directly Sells Health Plans

A recently-published article in Health News Colorado exposed a billing snafu at the Colorado Healthcare Exchange.  Apparently, somehow some Coloradans signed up for both public and private health insurance.  We still can’t figure out how this could happen given the process that the exchange claims to have in place.  Essentially, everyone who goes to the exchange signs up for Medicaid.  Those who do not qualify for Medicaid are then kicked to private health insurance plans.  So, how some sign up for both is a total mystery to us.  The only attempt at an explanation is here:

“The problem with double-enrollment comes later. Medicaid managers can reevaluate if people qualify. If they do, the Medicaid eligibility then goes back to the date on which the person first applied. Under federal rules, Reece said if a person has coverage under both public and private plans, private plans would have to pick up the tab for the first month. After that, it’s unclear who will have to pay any claims.”

So, after people are denied from Medicaid, its managers can go back and approve them?  If that’s the case, is there a problem with the initial process denying qualifying people from Medicaid?  Naturally, the exchange folks are saying the equivalent of “move on, nothing to see here”, except that this is a big freaking problem, according to some (including an exchange board member). From the article:

But Steve ErkenBrack, president of Rocky Mountain Health Plans and an exchange board member, said this is a “major, major issue.”

“One person could be a million-dollar claim,” ErkenBrack said. “This has required everyone to reach out of their comfort zones. How do we make sure members aren’t going to get caught in limbo and that their coverage will be there?”

Marc Reece, associate director of the Colorado Association of Health Plans, the group that represents insurance companies throughout the state, echoed ErkenBrack’s concerns both during the exchange meeting and in an interview afterwards.

While this is all a big deal, the article did offer some humor in one of the pictures it featured.  Apparently, we were wrong when we suggested that health exchange head Patty Fontneau was overpaid.  We knew she was the CEO, but we didn’t know she also moonlighted as an insurance salesman at the 16th Street Mall location.  See the photo to the right. Either she’s playing Undercover Boss or this is a really lame attempt at a photo-op.

Our take? Fontneau’s time would be better spent unraveling this billing mess than selling insurance on the 16th Street Mall.  Is it time for an audit yet?


CRASS: Dem Rep. Crisanta Duran Caught Chanting “Death to CO GOP”

“That be so funny if we killed all Republicans, guys! JK, JK, JK. OMG, guys, you know I’m not serious, because then I’d be, like, psycho”

First, Howard Dean wanted to ship all Republicans to the Ukraine or Russia.  Now, unions and at least one elected official are calling for the GOP’s death.  As The Colorado Statesman reports, state Rep. Crisanta Duran marched with a Latino group and the Service Employees International Union as they chanted “Death to the Colorado GOP.”

At a rally on Tuesday in downtown Denver led by the Service Employees International Union, or SEIU, Latino leaders and community groups held a mock funeral procession in which they declared, “Death to the Colorado GOP for killing immigration reform.”

Joining the demonstration was state Rep. Crisanta Duran, D-Denver.

“It is very frustrating that they have not been part of the solution to see comprehensive immigration reform, to actually get it done,” said Duran. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Imagine that, Republicans not wanting to work with a group that is chanting for their death.  Call us crazy, but that seems like a very natural response.  The fact that it doesn’t even register with Duran at all doesn’t surprise us.  PeakNation™, you may remember Duran as the exceedingly divisive chair of the normally, quite civil, Joint Budget Committee.  Even more bizarre, chanting “death to the GOP” above isn’t even the first time Duran has hinted at violence against political opponents.


No wonder she couldn’t get a single House Republican vote for the budget (outside the ceremonial JBC solidarity one by Rep. Cheri Gerou) she guided this year, even though that very same budget got wide, bipartisan support over in the state Senate.  Good thing someone so tactless, tone deaf, and partisan isn’t the chair of two of the most powerful committees in the Colorado legislature…  Yikes Democrats, this is really one of the best people you can find to lead you?  All we have to say in response is:

“Maybe we should buy a gun to defend ourselves from Democrats. (Joke) [adding the parenthetical clause makes everything all right, right?]”

“Death to the Colorado Democrats.”

Yep, feels just as crass and humorless going from this side to that side, as it is going from that side to this side.  Good thing the entire Colorado political community will stand up together to such non-sense, and keep putting our genial way of legislating first… [Cue crickets chirping]


Peak Feed: Cory Gardner Offers Glimpse at Family History…and Future

Polling has shown that Colorado voters are just learning about U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner, who is running against the most liberal vulnerable Senator up for re-election, Sen. Mark Udall, for a seat in the Senate. This new ad from his campaign team gives Coloradans additional, much-needed background on Gardner.

Just watch:

From the ad:

Cory: My dad and granddad had big shoes to fill. So did I.

All of us in Colorado walk in footsteps of pioneers.

Cory: Now, the footsteps that guide us belong to the next generation.

Cory: Washington burdens them with debt. Mortgages their future.

We need to shake up the United States Senate. Put in a New Generation – one that’s accountable…to the Next Generation.

I’m Cory Gardner. I approved this message.


LOCAL CONTROL GONE WILD: Boulder Attempts to Seize Utility Property

You see a lovely vista, Boulder sees property it hasn’t condemned yet.

While we joke around here about Boulder being a socialist outpost, we never thought the city would actually start seizing property. But, Boulder, perhaps emboldened by its moratorium ban on fracking is throwing property rights by the wayside in its attempt to seize part of Xcel Energy’s distribution system.  This is all a part of Boulder’s grand plan to establish a city power utility.

Boldly, the city defended it’s action like the kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar who looks up innocently and says, “What? I’m not doing anything wrong.” From the Denver Business Journal:

“The move is a significant step toward achieving the Boulder community’s goal of accessing an energy supply that is cleaner, reliable and competitively priced,” the city said in an announcement. “In addition, a local electric utility would not be responsible to shareholders seeking profits, enabling customers to have a more significant voice in decision-making.”

According to the article, Boulder wants to acquire “some or all” of nine Xcel substations serving Boulder as well as a 115kV transmission loop and its accessories.  Apparently, the city council voted to create this utility and negotiations directly with Xcel failed.  Last month, Xcel sued Boulder for overstepping its bounds in the process.

Boulder is claiming the right under the state constitution to condemn property with just compensation for the public good. TRANSLATION: Boulder wants Xcel’s property to set up a competitor organization, so it will use condemnation to get it.  There are so many issues with this, we don’t even know where to start.

  • Why is the government competing against private corporations?
  • Why is the government wasting taxpayer dollars to drive a business it wants to take over out of its city limits?
  • Is this a preview of “local control” that fractivists are so fond of?

If this is what local control looks like, it’s scary.  If we weren’t against the inappropriately-named local control push, we are now.


SHOT UP: Udall Losing In NYT Predictive Model For First Time

“I believe in freedom: freedom from your own personal choices!”

Less than a week ago Sen. Mark Udall and all Colorado Lefties were excitedly touting a Marist poll that had him up by seven.  Yeah, and for the first few minutes seconds of last year’s Super Bowl, all us Coloradans still liked the Broncos chances against the Seahawks.  The week quickly bottomed out for Udall after that, when two consecutive polls had Rep. Cory Gardner beating him.  Is it time to write another letter Udall?  Perhaps, just toss a fourth press person on your staff; surely, between all of them they can come up with enough gimmicks to distract from your 99% voting record with President Obama.

For the first time this entire election cycle The New York Times Senate forecast at The Upshot predicts Udall has a greater chance of losing reelection than winning (53%-47%).  This is a huge deal, as The Upshot tries to go beyond just the polls and factor in other intangibles about a race, such as, incumbency, fundraising, a state’s past election history among others, who the liberals at the NYT want to win.  All those factors in The Upshot model lean heavily Udall’s way.  Yet, despite this inherent, built-in advantage, Udall can’t overcome one thing: the people of Colorado feel he is too far Left for our independent-minded state.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Udall was still one of the deciding votes on Obamacare, a bill that brought nearly 16% of the entire nation’s economy under more bureaucratic control and heavy government regulations.  This makes it pretty much the antithesis of Udall’s new bogus “Freedom” campaign.

Or, how Udall not only supports Obama’s desire to have more control over 64% of Colorado’s energy industry, but wants Obama to go even further.  Because, nothing says freedom in Colorado, like more bureaucrats in Washington D.C. telling us how to live our lives out here in the West.  And, any definition of freedom in Colorado definitely doesn’t mean an even more restrictive ban on gun magazine size (10), than the already gone too far law (15) that ended up costing three Democratic state Senators their jobs.

Honestly, does Udall not understand the definition of freedom, or is he such an empty shell of a politician, whenever his campaign consultants pull his string, he’ll spout off whatever they tell him to?

Despite Udall’s cash, incumbency, and other advantages, the prognosticators across the spectrum are starting to line up against him.  They must beginning to realize what we’ve known for a long time here in Colorado: when Udall utters the word freedom, all that really comes out of his mouth is horse sh@%.

Instead of freedom from our guns, freedom from our choice of doctors, or freedom from how we get our electricity, Coloradans this fall want freedom from Udall.

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