Happy New Year, PeakNation™. This has been a spectacular year for the Peak and we have only you to thank.  In preparation for the 2014 legislative season, feel fee to take a stroll through memory lane below at the top ten stories by number of clicks of 2013.  It’s pretty safe to say, based on the stories, that the big political story of 2013 was the Democrats’ gun grab in the state legislature.  But, posts about Colorado’s historic recalls and the related shenanigans from the left rated highly as well.

Have a safe and happy night.  Our New Year’s resolution this year is to be nicer, kinder, gentler.  Just kidding. We cannot wait for the 2014 legislative session and election – it’s going to be amazing.

10) CIVIL WAR: Hudak Agrees To Resign If Recall Goes Forward, Allegedly Demands Johnston Get Blacklisted In Return

9) GOOD RIDDANCE, EVIE: Senator Hudak Resigns To Avoid Recall

8) DUDE, WHERE’S YOUR PLAN? Coloradans Losing Health Insurance Over Obamacare, Colorado Media Silent

7) BITTER MAN: Morse Falsely Attacks Pueblo Recall Organizer As “Unemployed Plumber”

6) YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID: Congresswoman Diana DeGette Becomes The Latest Colorado Democrat Embarrassed Nationally By Her Own Words

5) DID KYLE CLARK KILL MAG BAN? 3 Takeaways From 9News’ Debunking of Bungled Up Mag Ban

4) FOLLOW THE MONEY: Initiative 22 Funders in the Spotlight

3) EXCLUSIVE: Explosive Video Shows Giron Protesters Being Secretly Paid In Cash, Harassing Recall Organizers

2) GUN CONTROL BACKTRACK: As Salazar Fallout Mushrooms, Hick Expresses Doubt About High Capacity Magazine Ban

1) REPUGNANT OBTUSENESS: Democrats Ask Manufacturers of High Capacity Magazines to Stay and Make Their “Baby-Killing” Products Here, Only Sell Them Somewhere Else